For a fast-paced, adrenaline fuelled, competitive and fun entertainment for your next function or event, hire batak wall. As one of our many fantastic exhibition stand games, batak reaction game tests players on their reflexes and agility, as well as providing entertainment for spectators as they watch competitors fling themselves across the batak board. The simple concept of batak challenge is players having to switch off lights. A button will illuminate and a player must hit to button to turn off the light. As soon as they hit the button however a new light on the board lights up. The random order of lights makes it impossible for players to guess where the next target will be, making this game a lot tougher than it initially appears. Scores can be kept throughout the event, with an overall batak champion being declared at the end of your party or function.

Batak reaction test is great fun at all types of events, including family fun days, fundraisers, company parties, and corporate functions. Batak promotions works well at product launches and other promotional events as the batak machine can be branded with company logs. You can also hire a couple of machines for a one-on-one batak game competition or tournament. We have other fantastic exhibition stand games that work well at corporate events and promotional evenings, and you can rent batak wall alongside these other products in fantastic exhibition stand bundles. We have games such as Hi Striker, Punch ball machine, Wheel of fortune, Casino tables, and cash cubes that can really make a difference in promoting companies or products.

As mentioned you can hire batak for corporate functions as well as a whole range of other parties and events. You can create an exhibition stand bundle with the selection listed above, but there are also other entertainment package deals you can qualify for when you hire a batak wall with us. We have fun inflatables including rodeo bulls, bouncy castles, bungee run, and gladiator joust, as well as fairground rides, side stalls, giant games, and more. You can create a bespoke entertainment package by choosing the entertainment that suits you and our sales team will offer our experience in ensuring that you have chosen the perfect entertainment for your event. Batak game hire works well alongside almost any other entertainment product and our batak wall hire is available across the UK, seven days a week. To find out more about our batak test and batak hire services give our sales team a call.